how to cook sweet beer?

Ivan Spiridonovich - more than a year ago

Answer please: how to cook sweet beer?


MiH1 - More than a year ago
There are a lot of ways to cook sweet beer, we can say a whole culture. 1st recipe: add caramel malt to beer, it will give, just do not throw too much, you need somewhere around 450-850g. 2 recipe: Add lactose sugar, which will make it sweeter. 3 recipe: Add calcium chloride, it will increase the licorice of beer and it will be sweeter. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Betelgause - more than a year ago
It is enough just to interrupt the fermentation in time, as it is done in the manufacture of a sweet variety velvet.

This is for you in Mordovia, a national drink. Also beer, only sweet, the recipe for cooking is quite complicated. But tastes ... Any varieties of beer nervously smoke on the sidelines. ) Nevertheless, every self -respecting mistress must be able to prepare this drink.


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