chanterelles: with which mushrooms can and cannot be salt, cook? What are the recipes?

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Answer please: chanterelles: with which mushrooms can and cannot be salt, cook? What are the recipes?


Foxes, I think, know everyone. Is it possible to forget this unique color and colonial mushroom. I have never found only a fox in the forest, if there is one, I need to carefully look around, somewhere nearby there are sisters - chanterelles. Not only in color, this is a unique mushroom, it is rare in its composition. And this is not only an edible mushroom, this is a therapeutic mushroom, which, in addition to a wonderful set of nutrients, (vitamins, minerals), contains rare substances as chitinmannose, ergosterol and trametonolic acid. Hitinmannosa is an enemy of all purulent processes. And the enemy of parasites, which sometimes settle in the human body. Ergosterol is, firstly, the designer of the production of vitamin D2 in the human body (contributes to a chemical reaction to the formation of this vitamin), and this compound cleans the liver, and its satellite, Trametonolinic acid, confidently fights hepatitis. So overestimating the benefits of the chanterelles is very difficult. Therefore, industrial blanks of this type of mushrooms are underway. This is not only food, it is also a medicine, and natural, natural. So, we found chanterelles in the forest, brought them home and immediately, despite the fatigue, we are sorting out and bring them to a state that will allow them to store a long time. Fresh foxes can be stored no more than a day, and even at a temperature not higher than +10 degrees. And in the summer, such luxury is not allowed to us. Foxes must always be prepared separately from other mushrooms. The whole thing is in acids that are in the foxes (eight of them in this mushroom), when cooking with other mushrooms, acid reacts. You need to fry the chanterelle with a small amount of vegetable oil, until the evaporation of liquid juice. Then (if desired) add butter and simmer under the lid for 5-7 minutes. Separately, fry the onion, erased carrots chopped with rings and add to fried chanterelles before extinguishing. We serve the finished chanterelles with chopped green parsley. You can extinguish the chanterelles combined with potatoes in a ceramic pot. We clean the chanterelles from garbage, and boil for 10-12 minutes, (15-17 minutes, if the chanterelles are very large). Then he throws it to a colander, let the water drain. Fry separately onions, carrots (1 onion and 1 average carrot). Connect with the chanterelles, fry for 3-4 minutes and add to the pot to the potatoes chopped into cubes. From spices, add only a pinch of caraway seeds and salt to taste. Then pour cream (1/2 cup on a pot of 0.5 liters), or fresh milk and put the pot. This dish is a medicine for strengthening coronary vessels. Salt and marin the chanterelles separately from other mushrooms. We boil the chanterelles until cooked, cool on a colander and let the water completely drain. Add garlic cloves to mushrooms, peas, salt. Salt is taken from the calculation of 1 kg of chanterelles - 50 grams of table not iodized salt. Further, as usual, on the bottom of the pots (enameled and without chips), lay a pillow of leaves and seasonings (cherries, currants, nettles (with a dozen young leaves), the core of the horseradish is finely cut (2-3 grams). We lay the mushrooms, up the pillow from Leafs and washed cabbage leaf. We put gauze, bottom and oppression. Store up to a year. A wonderful mushroom powder is obtained from the chanterelles, but you need to dry it not in a hot dryer, it is better in the sun under the glass. Under the influence of high temperatures, the healing substances of the foxes break up. The author of the question chose this answer to the best


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