beef soup with rice how to cook? Recipe?

Mary Master - 2 years ago

Answer please: beef soup with rice how to cook? Recipe?


Niki m - More than a year ago
I know one such soup, Harcho is called) So, how to cook Harcho. Cook the beef broth, I cook in a slow cooker. We filter the broth, put potatoes and rice in it, salt, pepper to taste. Finely chop onion and carrots, fry in a pan, add finely chopped garlic (half the head), mix, add a couple of tablespoons of tkemali to the roasting, warm. Add our roasting to a pan with rice and potatoes. While vegetables were fried, I cut boiled beef into pieces, add it to the pan. Five minutes before the readiness, add the remaining half of the head of the garlic to the pan, having previously chopped it. Bon appetit The moderator chose this answer to the best

Ingredients: Beef 400 grams Rice half a glass Onions 1 head butter 1 tablespoon Egg yolk 1 pc. Fresh greens black pepper salt Preparation: Boil the meat for an hour in boiling water over low heat, salt and pepper five minutes before the end. Take out the meat and cut, strain the broth and bring to a boil again - cook rice in the broth, add fried onions. Mix a small amount of broth with yolk and beat with a fork and pour it back, not bringing to a boil. Remove from the stove. Lay the meat on plates and pour the soup, sprinkle with herbs.


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