tea is brewed in a coffee kettle in a Turk or coffee pot, and what is the cocoa prepared?

Yuri Radionov - 3 months ago

Answer please: tea is brewed in a coffee kettle in a Turk or coffee pot, and what is the cocoa prepared?


Svetlyachok Zelenook - 3 months ago
I will not share how I, myself, cook cocoa because the question is not about that. And everyone cooks, in his own way. For me, cocoa is beloved, from all products, a drink. And now I will share the most secret and related to your question. You ask what cocoa is being prepared. I think that neither special dishes nor the way to prepare this wonderful product exist, everything is individually. And now to the secret, I have already reported that cocoa is my favorite drink. And I prepare it in the fact that I will fall by the arm. And most importantly, I affectionately call cocoa, and all the dishes used for its preparation and drinking are cocoa. Enjoy, everyone, cocked up !!! The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Eddie morra - 3 months ago
Cocoa is not only a delicious drink that can significantly cheer up, but also very useful, as it contains antioxidants, has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure, improves brain function. Our grandmothers cooked cocoa in simple pots. Many now use such dishes. The only condition is not to use enameled dishes in which the milk on which cocoa is prepared is burning. It is convenient to cook cocoa in buckets with a long handle and a recess for draining. It can be ceramic buckets and stainless steel buckets. There are double -bottomed milkrs that are ideal for cooking cocoa. But it is best for lovers of cocoa to purchase a cocoa, in which the drink is especially tasty. Well, those who cook cocoa are not so often can cook it in any dish. The main thing is the subtleties that will help cook a delicious drink. In order for no lumps in cocoa, cocoa powder needs to be put in a cup, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar and stir well. Then add a little cold milk and also stir until smooth. Only after that cocoa can be poured into boiling milk. For 1 liter of milk you need to take 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa and sugar to taste. Enjoy cocoa!
Justin - 3 months ago
Greetings. Thank you for the question. It really turns out an interesting situation: for tea there is a kettle, for coffee there is a Turk or coffee pot, but what about cocoa? The answer is quite simple. Many people prepare cocoa, like coffee - in Turk. It is necessary to fall asleep about two tablespoons of a cocoa powder, add sugar/salt to taste, pour hot milk. Next, you should thoroughly stir the resulting consistency so that it is without lumps. Then we repeat the same actions with hot milk (add it as much as we need) and cook for about three or four minutes. The method of cooking is simple, and cocoa is tasty. There is also a way to prepare cocoa in a small container, as a rule, in a pan, repeating the above actions.
Tammit - 3 months ago
An interesting question puzzled us by the author. And it’s true, after all, dishes have already been invented for all of these drinks! But with cocoa, everything is not so simple: almost the same as with mulled wine. They didn’t make anything special, but it is convenient to cook cocoa in a bucket with a long handle so that it does not heat up. Ideal if there is a drain and a measured scale You can approach the problem differently and use a double -bottomed thrush. Based on the preparation of the drink according to the principle of water bath A cunning design will help to avoid handling.
Creative12 - 3 months ago
It is clear that the cocoa, cocoa or cocoa has not yet been invented (if anyone wants, it can take care of the design of the new vessel, and some kind of fragments from the teapot, Turks, bucket and other objects of dishes). I am brewing cocoa in a mug for the same way. I drink - and as I want more, I will repeat the same again. This is a portion per person. If you need to brew or in reserve for several people, then I cook as my mother did - in a saucepan. For some reason, preferably aluminum. I know, I know, aluminum is harmful, but I have an old saucepan, everything is already oxid, and it seems to be safe. In general, in a saucepan you can, in a bucket, can also be. In fact, in any dishes where you can heat water and milk, you can cook cocoa. But the cocoa is the idea of ​​the future. Work, inquisitive minds!

He discovered several very good herbal stores. It turns out the fees are best brewed in a thermos. With foreign teas brewed in the kettle, they do not even compare in comparison. Previously, I always made both tea and coffee and cocoa in a mug. Puffed, ground cocoa powder is well brewed in a regular circle. But, if you need to brew more, you can use the modern, domestic thermos.


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