what can be prepared portioned for the new 2021 year from pork and potatoes?

Natalya Yu - more than a year ago

Answer please: what can be prepared portioned for the new 2021 year from pork and potatoes?


Natalya Yu - More than a year ago
Portable dishes are good that they can be divided by time of preparation, and always be prepared for the arrival of guests, especially when the exact time of arrival is not known and does not even depend on the guests themselves. For example, when the matchmakers are freed, they themselves do not know, and bring their mother to me. That is, first you need to make semi -finished products: fry or put out pork with onions and spices, cool and freeze. Separately cook mashed potatoes, and also freeze it (in the freezer and a month it can be stored). The third ingredient is the zucchini rings, clean them, remove the seeds, cut the cm for 5, so prepare and store them in the refrigerator. The fourth is a grated hard cheese. And wait for the guests. When the guests are calling that they drive up: while the oven is heated, put on a baking sheet of zucchini rings, in every slightly potato puree and stewed pork to the top. Make a lid of grated cheese on top. After 15 minutes, the hotter is already ready and you can sit at the table. Or start with salads, and pork with potatoes will just come off, the cheese will melt and you can sprinkle with a green dill on top. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Dinarusina - more than a year ago
Today I have prepared such a dish on a test on a weekday, but it is quite suitable for the festive table. I bought a pork relatively lean brisket and several laid long potatoes in the store. At home, I cleaned the potatoes and cut it into thin records, but not to the end. The brisket was cut into thin slices, salt and sprinkled with spices, then laid between the plates of potatoes, potatoes can also be salt. I smeared the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil and laid its blanks, sprinkled them with garlic from the garlic, covered with an electric -sized lid (you can put in an oven) for about 40 minutes (try the degree of readiness of potatoes). The dish turned out to be just amazing, she served her herring and tomatoes in her own juice. Only the drawback: even when I ate everything, in the apartment it continued to smell very much with baked pork with garlic for some time.
Trianon - more than a year ago
My family loves anthrakota, or chopped, and coarsely chopped fried potatoes. This is a great portioned dish. It can be decorated with green peas, mushrooms, tomatoes and a piece of salty cucumber, and sauce. The meat will need to be cut into large pieces, and fry in hot oil. At the end of cooking, pepper and salt, reduce the fire and put out. Fry the potatoes as well, and then prepare on low heat.

Portionably, i.e. Individual portions, from pork and potatoes you can cook only one dish - hot in pots. If you add spices (bouquet of peppers) when cooking to each pot), it will be very fragrant. Not original, but it may be very tasty.


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