Why is a cheap beer bitter, but expensive-not?

aleBedev - 2 months ago

Answer please: Why is a cheap beer bitter, but expensive-not?


- - 2 months ago
Normally, beer should have some bitterness if it is natural. And the shelf life of such a beer is no more than 7 days. Therefore, such beer is made, as a rule, not far from the place of sale. An expensive beer is done, do not understand where, it is brought, do not understand where, it is mixed in it do not understand what. But it has its own expensive recognizable labels, therefore it is sold three expensive than it really stands. An ordinary bottle of beer can reach several hundred rubles, this is already for the elect. Mi1 The small expiration date of the beer only indicates that elementary measures of sanitation and hygiene are not observed in production. - More than a month ago
uncle sam - More than a month ago
Then the bitter, so that everyone spit and buy expensive. These are elementary basics of capitalist marketing. And not to know this is simply indecent! © Come tomorrow.

A controversial statement. For example, Chuvash beer Ker Sari is inexpensive and not bitter, but on here Porter and Guinness are both expensive and bitter. Of course, even more expensive. It can be pleasant surprises there, but I don’t see the point of spending on ..


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