how will the needy Russians with products help?

Dima de - more than a year ago

Answer please: how will the needy Russians with products help?


It is not very clear what Russians we need products. If there are in the form of those who are sitting on self-isolation due to coronavirus. They can order via the Internet, use the services of volunteers or social services, relatives, etc. It is also no secret that every Russian receives a salary or pension (old age or disability), therefore, it may well afford to purchase at least a minimum product basket, and those who do not work will find work when they want to eat, real or real or real On the Internet, the phone, is not so important. P.S. Most of the so -called The poor, actually self -employed, so they simply do not pay taxes, and therefore are among the poor. Although even the real poor get enough about the state to eat normally. Who lives below the poverty level, getting less money than the minimum cost of living? So do not use the word poverty. As a rule, this just means laziness.


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