Why do watermelons quickly spoil?

Ludwigo - more than a year ago

Answer please: Why do watermelons quickly spoil?


Ludwig - more than a year ago
The watermelon has a large amount of sugar and water. Washing time is summer. The high air temperature helps that sugar in water quickly throws up. A broken watermelon deteriorates faster because At the site of the blow, a large amount of water accumulated, released from the bursting cells. To everything, some yeast (at best!) A wand can get inside a microtrauma. Conduct an experiment: Leave water in the heat in a dark glass. You can even without sugar. Very soon it will also deteriorate. The author of the question chose this answer to the best

If the watermelon is natural, and not watered by different chemicals, then it should be borne in mind that its expiration date does not stretch for months. Natural berries (and watermelon is a berry) spoil very quickly, so they either freeze or cook compote from them. From the watermelon, the compote is unlikely to cook. If the watermelon is whole, not damaged, it will still begin to deteriorate if it is stored incorrectly, for example, in a warm place with a huge concentration of sunlight. In addition, sugar contained in the watermelon begins very quickly, and the watermelon becomes acidic and disgusting.



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