what is easier to cook: pasta with cherries or dumplings with cherries?

Non -buy - 2 years ago

Answer please: what is easier to cook: pasta with cherries or dumplings with cherries?


Iri7ka74 - 2 years ago
The pasta is even with cherries, even with meat, of course to cook, much, easier. The ingredients are neither for pasta, nor to boots, relatively ease of cooking, they do not play a role. Only now boots with meat will be called dumplings. But back to the essence of the question, why is it easier to prepare with cherries? Yes, because I just took and cooked the pasta, but you need to cook the dough first to cook boots, then roll it with a gurney, cut into circles, blind boots, and only then cook. Bon appetit! The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Non -buy - more than a year ago
If you will cook pasta (say homemade noodles) yourself, in fact, how to do dough for dumplings with cherries yourself, then in time and efforts your costs will be exactly the same. If you boil ready -made pasta, mix with cherries or boil ready -made dumplings with cherries, then in this case the same time will be spent the same. If you think about what will be faster: Boil the purchased pasta or wind up your own dumplings, then the purchased pasta will boil much faster. Here, as they say and you should not ask why ... As for the taste: Firstly, this is a matter of everyone, Secondly, the dough is in any form of the dough, whether it is purchased or its own preparation. The taste from cooking will not change.
Zoke - 2 years ago
Obviously, it is easier to cook store pasta. Serve cherries and sprinkle with sugar. Make pasta yourself? I will not risk spending time for this. It is unlikely that something good will turn out. Cooking dumplings with cherries is a good solution. The dish is better than cherry pasta. But creating dumplings is more difficult. Knead the dough, roll out, cut out the circles. Then prepare the cherries and manage to place it so that the roundabout can also be blurred. Cook. Honestly, but I have not tried sweet pasta. I have a bad idea of ​​such a combination. I also cook dumplings once a year. I prefer lazy dumplings with cherry sauce.
Sven - 2 years ago
To sculpt dumplings is a full-fledged ritual for peace and relaxation. Resty apron, good mood, funny company of assistants, beloved kitchen, beautiful pan, snow-white flour and fragrant, juicy, boron cherry. This is a holiday! But it happens that well, that well, that well, that well There is absolutely no time for all this splendor and rrrrashed macarois with cherries. I am also very tasty, worthy of an alternative! By the way, I am pasta and cottage cheese, such lazy dumplings are cheese. Yes, if you use the right pasta, from solids of wheat, then all This masterpiece is simpler, it does not mean less tasty.

Naturally, pasta with cherries are prepared easier. To prepare this dish, it is enough only to add cherries to boiled pasta. As for the dumplings, for this dish you need to prepare the dough, make a shape, wrap the cherries in it and only then cook.


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