jackpart what taste?

qwert1222 - 8 months ago

Answer please: jackpart what taste?


Vika567 - 7 months ago
Jackfruit is the fruit of a bread tree. Typically, the bread tree bears fruit for 9 months and brings the crop for a year of more than 500 fruits weighing more than 3 kg. These are the largest edible fruits growing on trees. Unripe fruits are used as a vegetable, ripe as a fruit. Jackfrut peel is quite thick, strewn with spikes. The immature fruit is green, and when ripening, it becomes yellow-green or yellow brown. The maturity of Jackfrut is also determined by sounds when tapping. Like our watermelons. The pulp of the mature fruit is painted in a saturated yellow color. Fragrant and sweet in taste. It consists of soft large juicy lobules inside each of them contains a large white bone. When cutting jackfrut, you can feel a pleasant, but slightly specific aroma in which there are notes of banana and pineapple. Before cutting the fetus, it is recommended to lubricate your hands with vegetable oil or put on rubber gloves to protect the skin of the hands from adhesive latex from the peel. Jackfruit has great nutritional value due to the presence of carbohydrates in it. Although calorie in it is much less than in bread. Jackfrut pulp consists of 80% of starch. Jackfruit in its composition contains the following minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, as well as vitamin C, vitamin B6, choline and folic acid. Jackfrut fruits are very nutritious, they contain about 40% carbohydrate. Due to the cheapness in India, it is called bread for the poor. Extraised fruits are used as vegetables: they are boiled, fried and stewed. Ripe fruits are eaten fresh, and salads and desserts are also made of them. Jackfrut pulp is fried, dried, baked, sugary. Tree flowers are also used. The fruits of the bread tree can be stored for several years. Incidentally, the seeds are also edible and nutritious, they are most often fried and eaten like chestnuts. Jackfrut wood is not damaged by termites and mushrooms and therefore are used for the construction of houses, the manufacture of furniture and musical instruments. The root also has the healing properties- its extract is treated with fever, asthma and diarrhea, and it also helps to cope with skin problems. Jackfruit is a wonderful vegetarian replacement of meat food.

This is what a fresh jackfruit looks like: (You can see it in the photo below) 3. The review of Jackfrut: Different, mostly positive, people like to taste something new) Currently, many are interested in this fruit of Bangladesh. 4. Does Jackfruit have to buy? I think it’s worth it, it’s always interesting to try something new, exotic) You will discover a new taste for yourself) 5. Jackfrut's excellence is eaten both freshly and actively used in cooking) Jackfruit has a thin sweet and fruit aroma. The taste of Jackfrut is sweet with a fruit bouquet of the taste of apples, pineapple, banana and mangoes. Below you can see dried jackfruit and also dishes with his participation) I hope I answered all your questions) and you liked my answer. ✨



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