Why is sometimes carrots poorly cleaned?

cinnamon - more than a month ago

Answer please: Why is sometimes carrots poorly cleaned?


A common reason that carrots can be poorly cleaned that it lay for a long time and dried the skin, and the carrots itself lost its elasticity. I clean the young carrots, or rather a scatter with a knife and the skin is easily and quickly cleaned. I clean the winter carrots with a vegetable cleaner, but the old dried carrots have to be cleaned with a knife. To reanimate the carrots, I put it in cold water and after some time it becomes the same. Sometimes it can pass for half a day. It is necessary to monitor the carrots, as soon as it swollen, you can clean it. Such carrots should be immediately eaten or prepared should not be left for later, it will quickly disappear. The author of the question chose this answer to the best


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