Why did the pasta excluded from the school menu in Flot? What is the harm?

SLAVA30 - 7 months ago

Answer please: Why did the pasta excluded from the school menu in Flot? What is the harm?


dariadub - 7 months ago
There are links to Rospotrebnadzor with some wild, in my opinion, arguments. What does the slightest violation of technology mean? In the case of baby food! What kind of hell is a violation? Or all the rest of the food is also with violations, but you won’t die from them right away? Under Stalin, the cooks would be given from 10 to 25 - and the whole country would be guaranteed from the slightest violations, something like that. Now I answer the question. There is no harm, continuous benefit. Simply, in a portion of pasta, in a fiber-hearted eye, it is clear how much meat is, and what kind of meat it is (you can try a separate piece)-a good minced meat, or ears and tails in half with horns and hooves. In short, stealing is inconvenient.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor explained that pathogenic bacteria can develop in the listed products at the slightest violation of technology. Moreover, these microorganisms are able to survive for a very long time. Popova noted that not only scientific research, but also “specific observations” testify to this. “Therefore, our predecessors did not recommend them for baby food. And we follow these recommendations, ”she summed up. DariaDub It is very funny to reduce the reputation for the correct answer) - 7 months ago Vanessa Mai Copyupasta on BV is prohibited, for this they give a permanent to beginners - 7 months ago


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