what faults did the ancient Greeks drink?

Svetlatin - more than a year ago

Answer please: what faults did the ancient Greeks drink?


Blessed Vasily - more than a year ago
In ancient Greece, the wines of Hios, Lesbos, Samos, Cyprus, and Crete were most famous. The author of the question chose this answer to the best

Modern experts in wines would not understand the fault that the ancient Greeks drank. These were very concentrated, very sweet and quite strong wines. The Greeks diluted them with water in front of the feast. In general, it was considered a bad form to drink undiluted wine. It's like drinking Baltika-9 beer now. Or, on the contrary, they added wine to water to derive it. With pet in Greece, traditionally not everything is very good. Svetlatin And what were they called? - More than a year ago


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