why bandage sausage?

Cherita - 2 years ago

Answer please: why bandage sausage?


Valery 0053 - 2 years ago
Sausage is made of natural shell (intestines) or artificial. At home, it is most often a natural shell. It is clear that the guts are quite long, if you make sausage without a bandage, you get too long pieces with which it is inconvenient to bother, cook, smoke, store, transport or use. Therefore, the sausage is bandaged and divided thus into separate sections, they can then be cut. In addition, a bandage is made along the entire length to prevent the rupture of the shell. The tied sausage can be suspended by a loop from the rope above the smokers or in production refrigerators.

The sausage is bandaged so that the contents from the intestine are not dumped when smoked.


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