how much to soak the pork legs for the junction?

zolotynka - 2 months ago

Answer please: how much to soak the pork legs for the junction?


Mikhail - 2 months ago
Jellied meat is one of the favorite dishes for every day and on holidays. It is not difficult to cook it, but you should follow certain rules and know: How long does it take to soak the pork legs how much salt should be placed in jelly when is it better to salt jelly when cooking how much time to cook jelly What is jellied How much water is needed for a junction What fire to cook jelly on How to cool jellied meat Before preparing a junction, pork legs must be soaked for at least 8-10 hours, preliminarily it is necessary to scream with a kitchen scraper, rinse, if you need to scorch, then pour cold water and soak. Water must be changed several times. This procedure will remove blood clots. Mikhail If you need to scrape them, and even scorch, then the groom cut the groom in his business. Well, or she died herself. - 2 months ago

Why soak them? These are not kidneys, not guts or stomach. If the slaper is experienced and neat, they will be cleaner than the surgeon’s hands before the operation. Runned with cold water (suddenly where the dust got into the process of transportation - purchases - delivery) - and to the rest of the spare parts in jellied meat.


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