how to sell meat to a vegetarian (a question at an interview)?

users - 2 years ago

Answer please: how to sell meat to a vegetarian (a question at an interview)?


Annette Annette - 2 years ago
No way. Because a person who does not eat meat will never buy it. For them, this is the corpse of an animal and no more. And even hold it in his hands - disgusting and packet. It’s like trying to sell pork a Muslim - you can run into). The salesman will not jump above the head, so you can say at the interview, there are certain sales frames and certain groups of people who cannot shove this or that product). The only option is to beat on pity, fall to your knees and tell a tearful story that if you do not sell this piece of meat, you will be kicked out of work and you will have to return to a cold, unheated apartment where you will have a hungry children .. but then the employer You have to show not the skill of sales, but acting)).
Russa29 - 2 years ago
It all depends on the beliefs of the Vegetarian person. Does every mother who does not eat meat will also raise her child? No, not everyone. And they really buy meat, despite the fact that they themselves do not eat it. Buy for someone. A person may not eat meat because it is a pity for cows, or maybe for completely different reasons. For example, it is with him that it is poorly digested, the severity and other problems in the body are felt. Mom can also admit that in childhood you need to eat a child on the recommendation of doctors after all, but will grow up - he will decide the vegetarian as a mother or not. Therefore, some vegetarians can sell meat as not to a vegetarian: by installing an acceptable price for good quality.
Users - 2 years ago
It is only possible to convince him that it is soy, only completely modern. It does not differ from meat and is made using space technology. You can test this product. As a more honest option, today by acquiring kilograms of meat to Vegitarians (for their guests and loved ones)- a fabulous discount on any greens. Also in the future,- we give you a coupon giving huge discounts on all our products of vegetarian origin. Little of! Only today, by acquiring this kilogram of dietary meat at a completely penny cost, for your loved ones, for the health of which it is extremely necessary- you will receive as a gift the latest book of recipes for vegetarians! Please yourself and loved ones! Only today- everyone will be satisfied! / Of course, include all this in the price/ well? Have I convinced you
Marinad44 - 2 years ago
I have such an interview experience. The applicant said: "Sell me a piece of meat." During the “sales” it turned out that he was a vegetarian, and no matter how I praised this piece of meat before this news, everything was in vain. I remember I was puffed for a long time, but I did not retreat. As a result, my interlocutor needed me to form a need for meat. I felt this need when I asked how he treats his friends and relatives on big feasts. Then he will “accidentally” talk about cutlets. So then the sale went, now I have realized all the advantages of this piece. But by the face of the applicant, I realized that I got into the apple. As a result, the sale of meat took place. By the way, I went through an interview successfully, but then in the end I chose for myself another more competitive company. Nagaina The applicant is just you. The one who conducted an interview is a recruiter. Most of all, he saw your assertiveness and desire to sell and immediately accidentally talked, thereby helped you and finished the interview. Personally, I would not spray and sell pens, meat, etc. These players of employers for young managers, according to American methods ... fashionable). They somehow take me without it). - 2 years ago Users Thanks for the amendment! Yes you are right. At that time I was 25 years old, and I changed the sphere of activity, in this industry I was a perfect newcomer. So she trained on pens and vegetarians. - 2 years ago

Difficult question. In other words, how to sell a person that he does not need? You can try to inspire a vegetarian that meat is very good quality, he needs to be bought for his family, relatives who are not vegetarians. Another option is to inspire a vegetarian so that he changes his food habits. To say that he does not receive high -quality animal protein, which affects his state of health not for the better.


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