what to apply to eggplant? What are the eggplant eat with?

tamilova - more than a year ago

Answer please: what to apply to eggplant? What are the eggplant eat with?


Unknown rain - 4 months ago
Eggplant, they are blue are very tasty, satisfying and something like mushrooms to taste. They are well combined with walnuts, with greens: parsley, dill, cilantro. You can combine them with cheese, tasty with Adyghe, solid varieties, or cottage cheese soft cheese. In the east, eggplant is often served from grain and grenade, simply sprinkled on top, entirely baked eggplant. Often, housewives prepare a simple dish called the tail of the peacock, when a large eggplant is cut, but not to the end, but by a fan, it does not cut to a stalk of 3-4 cm. It is thoroughly washed and fill the gaps with a slice from the tomato, and then everything is baked in the oven over medium heat for 35 - 40 minutes. Outwardly, the dish in its brightness really resembles the tail of a peacock, a very large external similarity. Before serving, you can sprinkle with chopped nuts, better walnuts, greens and grenade grains! For beauty, a large dish can be shot with leaves of fresh green salad. And if desired, serve a dish with sour cream, soy sauce and sharp ketchup.
Passvetik - more than a year ago
It would be more correct to answer this question: However, there are traditions when this or that product or cooked dish is eaten with one or another. As for the eggplant, if they were fried, baked or pickled, you can serve such cereals as rice, millet, pearl barley, porridge from bulgur. Undoubtedly potato mashed potatoes, in my opinion, will be beyond any competition. Eggplant with meat goes well. I generally like to eat meat with vegetables. Eggplant, this is also a vegetable, by the way, he is a relative of potatoes, they are both from the nightshade family. Personally, I prefer to eat an eggplant dish like a side dish for meat. The eggplant will be delicious with a cutlet, and sausages of a barbecue, and with barbecue, and with other meat products. Fried or baked fish - with her I do not like some side dishes, except for vegetables, and eggplant is generally what you need. And it doesn’t matter in what form they are. Eggplants with garlic-majeic sauce are perfectly combined. Fried, stewed or baked eggplant, greased with this sauce, will be especially tasty with black bread.
iren - More than a year ago
In this case, everything will depend on the form in which you cooked eggplant. If they are simply fried in oil, or you have prepared vegetable stew or honeycomb from them, then you can serve potato puree in the form of a side dish. Or boil the potatoes round or rice, serve them with boiled buckwheat. If you have prepared eggplant stuffed with vegetables, then you can serve a meat product, it can be a cutlet or baked meat or chicken. Also, eggplant can be served with sauce, it can be garlic, sour cream or soy. Baked eggplants monitor a barbecue, like other vegetables, it will be tasty.

If you have prepared eggplant in the form of caviar, stew ITP, then they need a cutlet, chicken or fish, then it will be tasty and acceptable as a full -fledged dish. If the eggplants are fired by slices, then with mayonnaise-shousing it will be an addition to some main dish. However, eggplants are always appropriate.



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