why breakfast is the most important meal and is an order of magnitude higher (see)?

kochbok - more than a year ago

Answer please: why breakfast is the most important meal and is an order of magnitude higher (see)?


This is an old, as a world, and a colossally harmful (for the body) error. In the human body, the redistribution of energy constantly occurs, since everything is simply not enough for everything at once. Further. The digestion is a colossally energy -intensive process, which, of course, takes energy from all other activities, both physical and mental. Consequently, it is clear that a person has a breakfast should either rest, or if he went to work after breakfast, his body will inevitably be forced to work on two fronts, carrying a double load on the digestion of food on the one hand, and on a working load with another. What is the result? And as a result, neither one nor the other can really turn out - and the food will not really learn, causing pathological processes in the digestive tract, and at work a person will be inhibited, stupid and lazy. And all because of this very lack of energy at both processes at once. In addition, in the morning the body still has not yet woken up, and to load it immediately with a digestive load, this is nothing more than violence against it. But lunch yes. Lunch is sacred. By dinner, if there was no breakfast, and the appetite will be wolf, and the health is beautiful, and therefore the digestion is great. But dinner is even more important, and if there is an opportunity, it should be done only by one, because in the evening after work, nothing can distract the body from digestive work, as a result of which the most full restoration of the body after daytime loads occurs. That's all. The author of the question chose this answer to the best Andrey571 You are absolutely right! Many people, including me, cannot have breakfast tightly - after that, as Zhvanetsky said, the stomach presses on the eyes and does nothing possible! Yes, and to cram in yourself in the morning something is not so simple, especially if you get up to work at 2 or 3 in the morning. I will add another serious moment: after breakfast, a jump in blood sugar occurs, even if you didn’t use sugar in the morning, and the more you eat, the more such a leap, so the dense breakfast is contraindicated! - More than a year ago


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