Do I need to add to the dough for whites, baking powder?

Veniaminych 65 - 2 years ago

Answer please: Do I need to add to the dough for whites, baking powder?


Dinarusina - 2 years ago
There are quite a lot of recipes for cooking whites, in some are added, in others they are not added. Personally, we do not add, but prepare them from the yeast dough, it is clear that the baking powder in this case will already be superfluous. I tried both options (I mean the finished product) did not notice some radical difference, although it is.
Store of knowledge - 6 months ago
The baking powder is a soda with citric acid. As you can see, there is nothing harmful in it. And I know women who add a little soda to the yeast dough, improving its quality. Whether it is necessary or not to add baking powder to the yeast dough, everyone decides for himself. It will not be worse.
Vladandrovich - 6 months ago
I don’t think - the baking powder will certainly make the dough more air, but it seems that in the case of whites this is not relevant. The baking powder makes the dough softer and thus whites when cooking in boiling oil can crack from the baking powder.

If you add a baking powder to the whitish dough, then you will ultimately succeed, not the whites, but the floor of the cakes with meat, since the whites are the dish that should be done, exclusively, with the help of yeast dough.


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