How does the lavash differ from ordinary bread? Which is better?

zhanin - 8 months ago

Answer please: How does the lavash differ from ordinary bread? Which is better?


Svetlana Dotsenko - 8 months ago Recipes of bread, like Lavasha, are many. If we are familiar from bread only rye and wheat, and only thin and thick lavash ... This is just the limitation of people who are not interested in this topic. Well, the way of preparing such products is very similar. This is baking at high temperature in the furnace or oven. What is more useful then and how to determine the usefulness of the product? In the case of bread and lavash, usefulness will be determined by the ingredients of which the product consists. Types of flour, for example. The presence or absence of salt, oil and seasonings. The presence of eggs or egg powder. And even water. It can be clean filtered or well after rain. Well, the most important thing. The benefits of bread will depend on the response of the human body. A thin lavash, but not a magnificent high -calorie loaf, will choose on a diet. And a person with food allergies to gluten will definitely not buy a wheat roll, replete with gluten. The benefits of bakery products are very similar, but for all individual. Comment 2 Max1999 - 2 months ago
The main difference between lavash and bread is the lack of yeast. In this sense, lavash is more useful, since yeast is a very controversial product, especially thermophilic yeast that are used in production. In addition, the dough for lavash, even lush, is usually not so soft, the flour does not soften as much as in a bun. Well, if we talk about the present Lavash, then only small production is possible, with a large amount of manual labor, and this in itself improves quality. Industrial production of bread cannot do without numerous additives, since the flour is a grain product, and different batches may differ slightly in properties. In production, the dough is simply stabilized with chemistry, and in small bakers there is the opportunity to make small batches of dough. There is only one type of bread that can be better than lavash is an ordinary black brick. Because just brown bread is done on a living sourdough, with a lot of bran. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Alinara - 8 months ago
In principle, ordinary bread from Lavash is different, but one and the other are necessary for a person for eating. Everyone has their own preferences and therefore for some it is tastier than Lavash, but someone can’t eat without bread at all. Therefore, which is tastier is difficult to say. But perhaps the usual bread will be more useful, since it is made of coarse flour.
Vladandrovich - 2 months ago
For me, lavash and ordinary bread are different products, they do not replace each other, but this is of course for my taste. From Lavash, I make something tasty like pancakes, rolls or pies, that is, I put different fillings in it, I can fry in oil. And bread for me is the bread that I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with various dishes. I can't without bread. I can do without lavasha for a long time.

Lavash is considered experts for 20 or even a maximum of 30 percent more useful than ordinary bread. Its main difference from bread is that Lavash is added much less sugar than in bread, but usually more salt.


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