Why doesn't a person eat herbal roots?

Ludwigo - more than a year ago

Answer please: Why doesn't a person eat herbal roots?


Dima de - More than a year ago
On the contrary, the oldest food of man is the roots of herbs. The ancient people were called hunters-gatherers. There was not always meat, and it was possible to collect a lot of roots, berries and mushrooms. I don’t know a lot of edible roots of herbs, but I immediately comes to mind, oats, wheatflow, dandelion ... In addition, there are many medicinal roots: dandelion, alte, licorice, Rodiola ... The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Ludwig - more than a year ago
Important and our time is a question. Sanctions are becoming more all the time. But, in essence, a person eats them. After all, the plant is grass, and grass is a plant. And that’s why a person eats roots (fruits, root crops), such herbs - plants as: horseradish, onions, carrots, trouser ... Therefore, I think we will eat them, since cheese and hamon are burned at the border.

Now a person does not really indulge in eating the roots of herbs, because he has a lot of other food that he likes. In addition, the roots still need to be found, dug, processed, and not it is raw, because not all of them are delicious without cooking or frying. Not all roots are suitable for food, because it happens that the plant itself is harmless, and its roots are poisonous, and you can be poisoned. Now a person uses the roots more to treat ailments, and not for food, because you will not be fed with roots, and now there are not many plants to find them and eat their roots, especially for a city resident. Mikhail For a city resident, it is certainly a problem to get, say, the root of celery or parsley. Have you tried to go to the market? - More than a year ago


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