what dark beer you have a favorite and why?

Mr. Andolinny - 2 years ago

Answer please: what dark beer you have a favorite and why?


Andron Zv - 2 years ago
Well, by the way, not Guinness, as many will write now (or will not write after my remark). Although it is not bad, to put it mildly. I probably don’t have a specific brand, but I prefer strong Belgian steats. Zhatetsk goose, by the way, if the original, then a good budget option. And if this is a copy, then this is not a beer at all, but a beer drink, in my opinion. But yes, if you drink beer, then either dark steats or light wheat. Although many lovers will argue with me. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Bau - 2 years ago
Velkopopovitsky goat dark-Velkopopovicky Kozel Dark. Because it is a beer light and tasty, somewhat reminiscent of kvass. If there is no goal, sorry for the expression, get drunk, but simply to sink, relax, then this is a good option. There is no bitterness in the beer and there is even some velvet, alcohol is almost not felt. Beer is rarely, but selectively. For those who do not drink alcohol at all, but I want to try dark beer with a pleasant taste-there is an option for the Velkopovitsky goat of a non-alcoholic.

Not a lover of dark beer. And I don’t really understand it. But sometimes, for suitable food, I can take Rocher #8. Probably it can be called dark bottle beer. I like it for seafood. But of course, 1-2 portions, no more.


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