Why are potatoes called cake (cm)?

Answer please: Why are potatoes called cake (cm)?


Dmitry68 - 10 months ago
From which Greek word, no one takes into account the word cake, because not everyone analyzes the words in composition and place of occurrence. You, in principle, are right that the potato cake is not subjected to heat treatment, like many other cakes offered in stores and it, in fact, is not a cake, but a dessert. But who is thinking about this now? Yes, I agree that cake potatoes are not a cake at all, but a dessert. If you really be reliable in the definitions. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Cinnamon - 10 months ago
The question from the series "Why KAMAZ is called a truck, because this is a typical car." The meaning of the word "dessert" is a sweet dish served at the end of food. Ice cream, cake, cake, etc. can act as a dessert: Thus, the cake is one of the varieties of dessert, and the potato is both cake and dessert. As for etymology, the general root with the word “pie” does not mean that cakes from pies are made, as it does not mean that they are baked in the stove. Golenach Valentin Nikolaevich And why it should in the stove, on the fire, that’s the question, but it doesn’t matter there: either it is a stove, or the oven, it is important that it is on fire. As for KAMAZ, for the first time I hear it to be called a truck. I went to it, I know. The body there, it seems, is not acquired. I don’t know, maybe in modern he has already appeared, but what has been seen before is not. Diesel - I remember exactly how KrAZ. - 10 months ago

The fact is that as far as I know, grated cookies or biscuit includes the composition of the cake. That is, the composition of the beloved potatoes for many is the same and the baked one includes. Therefore, they consider it cake. Not dessert. Golenach Valentin Nikolaevich Okay, why is pudding considered a dessert if it is a uniform pie? - 10 months ago Cinnamon And one more consideration: the dessert, most likely, is a more general concept and more, that is, potatoes and eclair are small, and the pudding is larger in size, although there are also different cupcakes ... - 10 months ago Golenach Valentin Nikolaevich Here, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the dessert is called what was prepared on the cold, that is, even if you put cookies in potatoes, it is still a dessert. After all, further baking does not occur. But the tubes, I mean custard, this is perhaps already cakes, really. - 10 months ago


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