Why is it gritting baked?

Ludwigo - more than a year ago

Answer please: Why is it gritting baked?


Ludwig - more than a year ago
Ryazhenka can be home-made and purchased, each species has its own fans, someone is too heavy on the stomach, someone purchased too sour. In any case, the fermented baked milk should be stored correctly in the refrigerator, covered, in glass or ceramic dishes. If the appearance of the fermentation has changed, this is a signal to the fact that you need to see if it has spoiled whether it has deteriorated or not. But if the taste has changed to Gorky, then 100 percent the product is already spoiled, oxidized and unsuitable for food under any sauces and with any additives. By the way, I have recently been bitten by almost all the purchased dairy products, as soon as they start to scream slightly, and you won’t make a yogurt. The author of the question chose this answer to the best
Store of knowledge - 5 months ago
If the fermented fermentation is bitter, this is abnormal, because the fermentation is done on the basis of ghee, which should not be bitter, unless it begins to deteriorate. So, the fermented baked milk was originally made from an expired, spoiled raw materials. The cause may also be improper storage when the microbes began to wander and cause bitterness in a fermented, so the home product should be immediately tightly closed, and also not to be stored in a warm place so that the rapid damage does not begin that also gives bitterness. Perhaps there are recipes by which a fermented backed a bitter taste due to the characteristics of milk and sourdough.

Now with dairy products is quite a trouble - not only does they cost both meat and production technology, no one observes and all chemistry is introduced into the composition. I think that a fermented is, provided that it can be grinded from the fact that it starts to deteriorate - apparently storage and transportation were not correct. Well, maybe that they violated the technology and the fermented fermented was transferred and then the fermentation was stopped but the bitterness remained.



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