is it possible to use wild hops in the production of beer?

Answer please: is it possible to use wild hops in the production of beer?


Wild hops refer to the same species as the cultural hops. If you are engaged in brewing, then nothing prevents you from using wild hops for this business. However, the taste of beer can be different. The reason for this is the content of Alpha acids unknown to you in Hops, which give the drink bitterness. You wrote correctly, now Russia produces only 2% of the necessary hops. This is a problem, but it can be solved by the purchase of a hops from abroad, in some way; Or the cultivation of its own hops in large quantities (at least in some) is quite difficult, but perhaps even more hops are grown in Russia. Use wild hops for beer production? You can, of course, as I wrote above^, but this will most likely reduce the quality of beer. And even more so, it is unlikely that anyone will travel through the forests and all sorts of nooks in search of wild hops. And in general, how can such an ingredient affect all Russian brewing as a whole? So I can’t answer your question for sure, but how I could^.


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