Which honey is tastier, liquid or thick?

kouture - 2 years ago

Answer please: Which honey is tastier, liquid or thick?


Fortyne - 2 years ago
Usually fresh honey, which has just been removed from honeycombs, liquid, fragrant and therefore extremely tasty. The only drawback is that it spills out of the spoon and from bread, if you spread it on it. But the thickened honey is very beautiful. He is like amber. It is convenient and to take it on a spoon and spread bread pieces to them. Even on the oil lies well and does not drain. There is a pleasure. But he no longer has such a sharp, fresh smell. It disappears even in a closed bowl. Therefore, who loves what. I personally prefer thickened copper. It is beautiful and more convenient. Well, the smell is not too important for me. The system has chosen this answer to the best
Ah elena - 2 years ago
Usually, many love fresh, liquid honey, which is just pumped from honeycombs. It is very fragrant and tasty. I also prefer liquid honey when it thickens, I don’t really eat. At home we use hardened honey except for treatment or for baking. Honey over time has a feature of crystallizing, it is a natural suichate process. He becomes thicker and lighter. In winter, it should not be liquid, if it is liquid, it means honey was melted.
Chupakhinatyana Borisovna - 2 years ago
I think that any honey is an amateur, the main thing is that it is natural. Honey from buckwheat - tart, dark, bit a little bit. Honey from multi -grass - very fragrant; Even the neck is kept if it is sick. Honey from the sunflower - ordinary; From acacia - more fragrant. But I do not believe when they sell the type of honey exclusively from snowdrops or crocuses. This is a marketing move, bees cannot selectively collect pollen. This is a healing.

This is a lover I love liquid honey more and the most delicious moment is in general - this is when the honey is fresh. We have honey at home constantly, but I don’t really pull me on the thickening, but in the summer we always buy a liter or liter jar to eat fresh honey.



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